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What We Do:

Insider's View Childcare Consulting LLC was formed to assist parents/caregivers in their search for childcare placement manifested through quality-driven inquiries. Often, clients are delivered a limited perspective of the program offered by providers during an interview or tour. The intent of Insider's View Childcare Consulting is to provide needed perspective and knowledge during the childcare selection process by providing clients/caregivers the tools necessary to ask the right questions during their search.

Who We Are:

Nancy Lansdowne, President of Insider’s View Childcare Consulting LLC, is a certified Early Childhood Education professional.  Her education is extensive and includes certification in early childhood and provider studies, and continuing education coursework. 

She has engaged in various childcare and business assignments spanning her career.  She has owned and operated a family daycare; has worked in public and private childcare settings; and has been a member of the provider team focused on child mental health and advocacy.  She has worked as a business professional in the home health industry, engaging with multiple age groups, and has secured durable medical equipment (DME) certifications.  Additionally, she has experience in the financial industry, further expanding her tenacity to help others achieve their goals. To round out her skills, she has provided nanny services and possesses over 25 years of experience as a parent.

She has served as a community advocate for children supporting organizations and charitable causes centered on children’s needs and emotional welfare.  She maintains current childcare and abuse clearances, including mandated federal fingerprinting, in addition to first-aid, CPR, and SIDS certifications.  Throughout her career, she has been responsible for developing multiple curriculum options as well as training new hires. Nancy has been recognized as an exceptional communicator, facilitating caregivers’ ability to hear and be receptive to information regarding their child’s growth and development. Nancy will consult directly with you when you utilize Insider's View Childcare Consulting Services. 

Why We Do It:

Caregivers are overwhelmed with making a choice to determine a quality childcare program.  There are often many different options: for example, a nanny in your home or a childcare center outside the home.  Pricing is astronomical, and quality is "sold" but not always provided.  Caregivers have the right to demand a program that meets their needs.  Insider's View Childcare Consulting will assist with organizing the search, provide questions to ask, review red flag warnings, and help you decide on the best option of care for your loved one.  

Why We Give Back:

Insider's View Childcare Consulting LLC not only provides a service to caregivers but also gives back to support organizations that protect children.  Our goal is to educate individuals on what to seek in the childcare placement process.  Insiders View Childcare Consulting gives back on a larger scale to various organizations whose mission is to prevent mistreatment. We will donate 1% of the profits to North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation. See our "Resources" page for more information.

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