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The Three Little Birds

Ages 2+

A story of hope, friendship and possibility. Born from love and healing, this work conveys a journey of awareness. Relationships can be for a reason, season, or lifetime. Always and in all ways, never give up HOPE.

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The Moon Peeked Down

Ages 2+

A story of discovery and friendship. The moon teaches us that there is so much to see and experience in our vast universe. Does the moon have eyes and ears? Follow a unique approach as the moon peeks down in the night sky. The reader will be transported through the plot's development as the moon, the boy, and the dog form an everlasting relationship.

Kindness Shared on Paper

Ages 2+

A touching and beautifully illustrated work that encourages children (and adults) to embrace the simple, yet powerful act of creating art or handwritten letters on paper to brighten someone's day. Lessons of empathy, friendship, and the power of connection with others are shared in a meaningful way through mailed correspondence. This book reminds us that even in this fast-paced, digital age, there is something truly magical and surprising about receiving thoughtful creations and words while building tangible and heartfelt relationships.

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