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How was your day? How was your night?

Work with your childcare provider to create a team approach for your child(ren). As a former early childhood teacher, this concept should be a given, but I am here to remind us that it is crucial. Please allow for an extra two minutes at drop-off and pick-up to allow for a smoother transition for communication between parents and providers. If this is not feasible, please reach out either by message on the classroom app that the provider uses or a quick call to the main office to let the teacher know how your child is. "Give your day care provider the scoop on anything that will make her job easier: your baby’s likes and dislikes, the best way to calm her down, her food and nap preferences. Also, let her know about anything new going on that may affect your little one during the day (your tot just started teething or she didn’t sleep well last night).",well%20last%20night).

A restless night can set the child up for a more tearful day and a day without a nap can set the family up for a stressful evening. Teamwork is essential.

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